Imagine you are here.

With friends, new and old.

Making incredible memories.

“We’d been trekking The Great Wall for hours and as we climbed onto the ridge the sun set in front of us—a moment pictures can’t convey.”

Supported by a great team.

This is Georgie. Before joining Antips she was a nutritionist, personal trainer and outdoor ed teacher. Tomorrow, she may lead you through Tanzania.

This is Rennie. Footy captain and former teacher, he’s snorkeled with whale sharks and trekked through the Himalayas. Yesterday, he presented at your school.

Meet Joe, who led his first trip to Iceland as a 17 year-old and is now Director of Operations. 25 years later he’s still here, helping your trip run smoothly.

Learning to push past your limits; to laugh at your mistakes, then fix them; to see beauty without an insta filter; to slow down, even if for a minute.

Learn different. Go Antipodeans.

Ready? We are. Let's talk about your next adventure, today.