Ecuador & Galapagos

Ecuador & Galapagos programs available for:

High Schools
Did you know?

Ecuador has the most biodiversity per square kilometre of any nation, and was the first country in 2008 to officially recognise the rights of nature

Things to do
  • Immerse yourself in the World Heritage capital of Quito
  • Be amazed by the volcanoes and mountains of the Andes
  • Trek through the incredible Amazon jungle
  • Observe wildlife and visit active volcanoes on the Galapagos Islands
Located in

South America

Average Temperature

21 - 25° C

Official language/s



United States Dollar

A small country that packs a serious punch, Ecuador’s beautiful, varied landscapes and melting pot of unique cultures provide the perfect background for an unforgettable, life-changing Expedition.

Ecuador is home to both the first and second sites to ever be listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list - the Galapagos Islands and the capital city of Quito. On any given day of your Antipodeans trip to Ecuador, you may be watching the sunset on a beautiful beach, visiting volcanoes in the Andes Mountains, discovering the wondrous Galapagos Islands or travelling through the jungle in the Amazon basin as you learn about the history of the Incas.

“Go do it! Whatever it takes you have to go. It will be a life changing experience that you will never forget. You'll learn so much about yourself and others, as well as develop your global awareness and knowledge of other cultures.”

Alexandra Hubbard, Burnside High School student (Ecuador Expedition)

The World You'll Explore

Ecuador’s capital city of Quito, with its eclectic blend of European and indigenous architecture, sits in the northern highlands and provides the perfect base for your adventures. Explore beautiful towering churches and basilicas, wander through the historic Plaza Grande, and take the chance to stand in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere at the same time!

With the Andean corridor running the length of central Ecuador, endless trekking options are also on offer, especially for those who want to truly challenge themselves. Trek the valleys, passes and ridges around Volcán Cotopaxi or around Volcán Chimborazo, an elevation of 6310m. The views and landscapes will take your breath away.

No adventure to Ecuador would be complete without visiting the amazing Galapagos Islands, where the majority of animal and plant species you’ll encounter can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. Observe giant tortoises and flamingos in their natural habitat, snorkel alongside brightly coloured fish and sea-turtles at the Concha de Perla, spot penguins, iguanas and sea lions, and top it all off with a hike to see the expansive lava fields atop two still-active volcanoes, Volcán Sierra Negra and Volcán Chico.

The Impact You'll Make

Ecuador gives travellers plenty of opportunities to give back to the rich and colourful communities who welcome you. Projects can be based in beautiful Andean villages and in west coast communities, and can include work in schools involving renovations, construction and community development.

You’ll also have the chance to immerse yourself in local culture, and get involved in the local children's sports, activities and games, all while picking up a bit of basic Spanish along the way (or practising your existing skills!) Hola!

The people who will have your back

For every Expedition to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, you and your team will be assigned one of our expert Aussie-based leaders to help guide your adventure. Each with enough Frequent Flyer points to fund a family trip around the world, they’re seasoned pros when it comes to adventure travel. The leaders below may not be the same ones you get on your trip—but you get the idea.

Meet Mitch, one of our school reps, trip Leaders, and a former professional AFL player. He's trekked in Africa, led trips throughout Southeast Asia, and is heading to Nepal next!

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