Nepal programs available for:

High Schools
School Leavers
Did you know?

Nepal has eight of the top ten tallest mountains on the planet.

Things to do
  • Explore the colourful markets, Buddhist and Hindu temples, palaces, and prayer flags of Kathmandu.
  • Hike to Annapurna Basecamp, an elevation of 4130m, or Everest Basecamp, an elevation of 5380m.
  • Spot wildlife like crocodiles, deer, rhinos and tigers in Chitwan National Park.
Located in

South Asia

Average Temperature

18 - 28° C (Kathmandu)

Official language/s

Nepali, Maithili and Bhojpuri


Nepalese Rupee

In 1980, we organised our very first Expedition to Nepal. Since then, we’ve had a real soft spot for this magical country, and it quickly finds its way into the hearts and minds of all travellers who visit as well. Home to most of world’s highest mountains, Nepal is a kaleidoscope of colour and dazzling views, truly a trekker’s dream come true.

Challenge yourself as you climb to exhilarating heights through the Himalayas, experience the delicious, fresh vegetarian food, shop for crafts in bustling bazaars, and leave with a newfound sense of accomplishment, inner peace and appreciation for the Nepali people and nature.

The Geelong College Nepal Expedition, 2017

“I’ve gained so much. Leadership skills, team skills, new friends, confidence in travelling and being independent. Thank you Antips, I had the time of my life!”

Adele Smith, Student (Nepal Expedition)

The World You'll Explore

Nepal is made up of some of the most rich and varied natural landscapes on the planet, offering everything from subtropical forests to dry, windswept mountaintops, home to the rare snow leopard. Amongst the harsh clifftop terrains you’ll find clusters of villages inhabited by welcoming locals, ready to offer their warmth and hospitality to passing travellers. A Expedition to Nepal will see you trekking and exploring the world’s highest mountains while living with the locals and experiencing local life firsthand.

You may also find yourself learning to cook Nepalese cuisine, or spotting crocodiles, deer, rhinos and tigers in Chitwan National Park. The colourful capital of Kathmandu, dotted with more UNESCO World Heritage listed sites than anywhere in the world, is the perfect spot to begin or end your journey.

The Impact You'll Make

Since 2015’s devastating earthquake, the people of Nepal have slowly been rebuilding their lives and infrastructure - but they still have a long way to go. Antipodeans students travelling to the country have the opportunity to contribute to a range of sustainable projects which are closely aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. High school students will help to build and renovate schools, water tanks, and other much-needed community buildings.

Projects for university groups typically focus on hospital placements which allow nursing and midwifery students to learn more about, and actively assist Nepal’s healthcare professionals. Students may also have the opportunity to deliver Community Healthcare education in rural areas on topics such as personal hygiene, disease prevention, reproductive health for young women, healthy eating, and proper wound and injury management.

Above all, it’s an exciting and important time for Nepal as it continues to rebuild, and you’ll be there helping to make a positive impact.

The people who will have your back

For all Nepal Expeditions, you and your team will be assigned one of our expert leaders to help guide your adventure. Each with enough Frequent Flyer points to fund a family trip around the world, they’re seasoned pros when it comes to adventure travel. The leader below may not be the same one you get on your trip—but you get the idea. Our people are the best in the business.

Meet Georgie. Before joining us she was a nutritionist, personal trainer and outdoor ed instructor. With eight Antipodeans trips to her name, she’s now one of our Operations Managers, too. Catch her snowboarding in Japan or at a local gig.

Ready to start your adventure? Get in touch. Want more inspiration? Explore below.


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