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High Schools
Did you know?

Tanzania has the largest concentration of wildlife animals per square kilometre, with more than 4 million wild animals and 430 different species

Things to do
  • Conquer Africa’s mighty Mount Meru or Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Zanzibar
  • Spot the Big 5 and take an elephant selfie!
  • Lend a hand in some incredible Maasai communities
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24 - 28° C

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Famous for its stunning National Parks such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania’s scenery and world famous wildlife will inspire you to live your most adventurous life! Experience Africa’s highest mountain, the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, live and work amongst the traditional Maasai tribes and cultures, explore the beautiful tropical coastline, and duck over to picturesque Zanzibar - the fascinating Spice Island just off the east coast of the mainland.

Redlands Tanzania Expedition, 2018

“This is a once in a lifetime experience where the students are learning to become independent and can explore the world around them under the guidance and safety of experienced mentors. A valuable step between travelling with parents to becoming independent travellers on their own.”

Robyn, Parent (Tanzania Expedition)

The World You'll Explore

Rolling hills, expansive plains and lush grasslands - Tanzania is the place to embrace the outdoors and get active while taking in your epic surrounds. Trek the beautiful and challenging Mount Meru, the peak of which lies at an elevation of 4,556m, sleeping in mountain huts along the way and waking up to the the magical sunrise over the Mount Kilimanjaro in the morning. How’s that for ticking off a serious bucket list item?

You’ll also have the chance to experience the awe inspiring Ngorongoro Crater, explore beautiful Arusha National Park, watch the giraffes and flamingos roam the plains of Lake Manyara, or even take a safari in the Serengeti.

Cap off the adventure of a lifetime on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar, the Spice Island with its amazing Arabian influences. You'll learn about the history and abolition of the slave trade in the region, sample delicious food, and meet the friendly, relaxed local people.

The Impact You'll Make

Sustainable community projects in Maasai villages offer an opportunity to develop your leadership, organisation and teamwork skills like never before. Projects are usually based either outside Arusha in the foothills of Mount Meru, or on the banks of Lake Manyara, in the north east of the country.

You’ll be welcomed and embraced by your local host family and community whilst you help paint classrooms, build important toilet blocks and water tanks or plant trees to help with reduction of erosion. In the evenings, feast on home cooked meals and maybe even learn a few traditional Maasai dances.

The people who will have your back

For every Expedition to Tanzania you and your team will be assigned one of our expert, hand-picked leaders to help guide your adventure. Each with enough Frequent Flyer points to fund a family trip around the world, they’re seasoned pros when it comes to adventure travel through Africa. The leaders below may not be the same ones you get on your trip—but you get the idea.

This is Owen. He's led countless Expeditions with us over the years, and has been known to receive standing ovations and impromptu Māori hakas at the airport from his students upon returning home!

Ready to start your adventure to Tanzania? Get in touch. Want more inspiration? Explore below.


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