Vanuatu programs available for:

High Schools
School Leavers
Did you know?

Pigs are the traditional symbol of wealth and status in Vanuatu.

Things to do
  • Experience the lively waterfront restaurants, cafes, and markets in the capital of Port Vila
  • Enjoy snorkelling, beach BBQs, kayaking, and beach volleyball on the island paradise of Lelepa Island
  • Visit stunning Eretoka Island, an UNESCO World Heritage Site
Located in

South Pacific Ocean

Average Temperature

26 - 31° C

Official language/s

English, Bislama and French


Vanuatu vatu

With its dazzling blue lagoons, crystal clear waters, tropical climate, palm-tree lined beaches and that famous Pacific hospitality and warmth, Vanuatu is your chance to enjoy the ultimate tropical getaway while making a positive impact to the lives of the local people.

An outdoor enthusiast’s dream, you’ll have the chance to kayak, snorkel, play beach volleyball, and enjoy BBQs on almost-deserted stretches of bright white sand. You'll also learn more about the unique culture and history of the region, and make friends and memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Come home with new ideas, perspectives an appreciation for the small, simple things in life.

“Visiting Vanuatu definitely gave me more of an appreciation for a simpler way of life. It reminded me of what's important - spending time with those people you care about, instead of being glued to my phone all the time. The break from technology was invaluable, and it's something I think everyone should experience!”

Deirdre, Student (Vanuatu Community Service Tour)

The World You'll Explore

The brightly coloured coral reefs surrounding Vanuatu’s islands provide the perfect backdrop for some coastal exploration and relaxation. Grab your snorkel and swim through schools of brightly coloured tropical fish, explore rainforests and waterfalls, and enjoy feasts of fresh Melanesian foods. In the evenings, experience the local people’s culture and language as they teach you their traditional dances under the stars.

Back in the capital of Port Vila, you’ll discover colourful wall murals, art galleries, and charming museums filled with artefacts from the area's thousands-year old history.

The Impact You'll Make

No trip to Vanuatu would be complete without the rewarding service element, and Vanuatu offers plenty of chances to pitch in and lend a hand.

Based on the needs of the village and the local community, you may be working with tradespeople to renovate a women’s centre or community hall, build a toilet facility in a primary school or church, or construct a playground in a kindergarten. Throughout the community project, you’ll also have the opportunity to get to know your host families. Whether through spending time with the children and playing games after school, or simply stopping for a conversation in the street, immersion in a foreign environment opens up many chances for cultural exchange.

Graduating high school soon, and keen on Vanuatu as a destination? Find out more about our grad trips to Vanuatu for high school leavers over at Schoolies Unearthed.

The people who will have your back

For every journey to Vanuatu, you and your team will be assigned one of our expert Aussie leaders to help guide your adventure. Each with enough Frequent Flyer points to fund a family trip around the world, they’re seasoned pros when it comes to adventure travel. The leaders below may not be the same ones you get on your trip—but you get the idea.

This is Marie. From her close encounters with polar bears in the arctic circle, to climbing active volcanos in Nicaragua, she's (almost) seen and done it all. There's a fair chance if she's not planning or leading your next big adventure, she's planning hers.

Ready to start your adventure to Vanuatu? Get in touch. Want more inspiration? Explore below.


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