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About our Antipodeans Leaders

Antipodeans Leaders are the hand-picked Aussie and New Zealand-based superstars who accompany our students overseas on our Expeditions, Community Service Experiences, and Schoolies Unearthed trips. They’re responsible for so much more than a team’s safety and wellbeing - They’re there to make sure our travellers experience the best of what this world has to offer, while picking up some important life skills along the way.

Our Leaders come from all walks of life. So whether you’re a human rights lawyer, teacher, CEO, barista, helicopter pilot, full-time parent, professional sportsperson, or something else entirely, we’d love to meet with you.

We’re recruiting Leaders for 2019 trips right now. Join the adventure.

What you get from being a Leader

Being a Leader with us is about more than just free travel to amazing destinations around the world (although look, that’s a big drawcard too…!) It’s about making a genuine, positive difference to the lives of young people, and to communities in developing countries.

You’ll gain invaluable skills in leadership, planning, organisation, mentoring, and how to think on your feet and handle difficult situations in an efficient way - skills that have applications in all aspects of life. The best part - it’s not a full-time commitment, so you can keep your day job and be a Leader.

We know that in today’s competitive job market, life experience is looked upon just as favourably as on-the-job experience. With Antipodeans, you get both. No matter what career path you’ve chosen in life, travelling overseas and being responsible for the learning, wellbeing and safety of young people won’t just look amazing on your CV - it’s a life achievement to feel proud of too.

“Our leader Katie was the cornerstone of our entire tour experience. She led with professionalism and coupled those essential qualities with her experience, soulfulness and genuine care. She inspired our girls to embrace every opportunity to engage in the culture and experiences. Katie worked with their strengths, supported them through challenges and was always nurturing in being sensitive to our individuality. I believe that our experience was enhanced by her leadership and beautiful soul. She led by example and I am certain that her qualities permeated our students in their leadership opportunities. An amazing role model!”

Michelle Clifton, Teacher, Penhros College - Thailand & Laos Expedition 2018

We’re recruiting in 2019!

Love the sound of being a leader with us? You’re in luck. We’re currently recruiting for talented individuals to join our Leader Family.

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  1. Complete an Online Application Form here >>
  2. Our Leader Recruitment team will assess your application
  3. If you meet the requirements you’ll be invited to attend a weekend-long assessment and training event we call our Leader Selection Weekends.

2019 Leader Selection Weekend Dates & Locations:

Leader selection weekends run from 9am-4pm, Saturday to Sunday. Can’t make it to any of the above dates this time around? While attending a Weekend is mandatory to being selected as a Leader, we’d still love to hear from you. Fill out the Application Form and we'll keep your details on file. You'll be the first to know next time we have a new round of Selection dates available.

“Our Leader Adrian was exceptional. He worked really well with all of the students and created a fantastic team environment. His interpersonal skills are very strong and he developed a great rapport with everyone in the team. His in-country knowledge was a real asset for the group and really added to the experience.”

Megan Wilson, Teacher, Melbourne High School - Nepal Expedition 2018

Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen.


How many overseas trips can I expect to lead each year?

The majority of our Leaders will lead one trip per year. However, if you’re available for more, it’s possible to lead multiple trips provided that the dates don’t overlap, and that the team training weekends and other pre-departure commitments don’t clash. If you can’t lead any trips in a particular year, that’s cool too.

How long do trips last?

An Antipodeans Expedition consists of a team of students aged 15-18 that travels to a developing country for 3-4 weeks. Each team sets challenging goals for itself as students learn the principles of Mindfulness, Resilience and Leadership. They usually complete a multi-day trek, and become involved in a community project, experiencing first-hand a fascinating culture. Community Service Experiences and Schoolies Unearthed trips are the same idea, but a little shorter - usually 2 weeks, and they don’t include a trek.

Where can I travel to as a Leader?

We offer experiences in over 30 countries, including Nepal, Peru, Costa Rica, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Vanuatu, and heaps more. Check out our Destinations page , and our Schoolies Unearthed website for a better idea of the amazing places we go.

When do trips go?

Our peak departure season is the Australia and New Zealand school summer holidays (November – January) but some schools choose to travel in June and July. We also run shorter trips in April and September. Trips usually run during school holidays.

How much do Leaders get paid?

We pay our Leaders from $175 to $300 per day depending on their experience. The more trips you lead with us, the more you get paid. This is of course in addition to all of your trip costs (food, flights, accommodation, activities) being paid for while you’re away.

What are you looking for in a Leader?

Our Leaders are educators, not mere tour guides. They are genuine, professional, supportive and above all - passionate about travel and Antipodeans' vision for the future. We are always on the hunt for Leaders from all walks of life.

Do I have to be available for the full Leader Selection Weekend?

Yes, we ask that you are available to stay on site from Saturday at 9am to Sunday at 4pm so we can spend the time getting to know each other! You'll also have plenty of time to interact and get to know your fellow applicants as well. The feedback we consistently get from our Selection Weekends is that they're a lot of fun, and a fantastic learning experience as well.

Will you cover my travel costs to the Selection Weekend?

While we're unable to cover your travel costs for getting to and from a Selection Weekend, all food and accommodation for applicants is covered for the weekend. Saturday night accommodation is offered to applicants in all locations, while additionally Friday night accommodation can be arranged for attendees of Queensland, South Australia and New Zealand Selection Weekends.

If you are invited to a Selection Weekend, you'll be added to a private Facebook event where you can discuss carpooling or other shared travel arrangements with other attendees.

What happens after the Selection Weekend?

Successful applicants will be welcomed to our Leader Family and will be and asked to submit your availability for trips and training weekends. Our Leader Recruitment team will then start assigning Leaders to teams, and offering contracts.

How do Leaders get assigned to teams?

Our Leader Recruitment Coordinator and Operations Managers work closely to identify the Leadership needs of every team that travels with Antipodeans. We assign our Leaders based on their suitability to the team, performance at Leader Selection Weekends, destination experience and locality to the school.

What if I can't attend a Selection Weekend?

Because of the nature of the role of a Leader with Antipodeans, our in-person Selection Weekends are an essential part of the process of choosing who joins our team. As such, everyone must attend a Selection Weekend before being invited to become a Leader with us. If you can't make it to any of the above advertised dates, we'd still encourage you to fill out an Application Form. We'll keep your details on file, and let you know as soon as we have another round of Selection Weekends available.

What if I don’t get assigned to a team after attending the Leader Selection Weekend?

Not every Leader who passes our Leader Selection Weekend will be assigned to a team straight away. You will be added to our “Leader family” and will receive updates from us throughout the year including late placement opportunities and roles as “back up / standby” Leaders.

What if I have more questions?

You can get in touch with our Leader Recruitment team by emailing them at leaderrecruitment@antipodeans.com.au

Ready for the most exciting, challenging and rewarding role of your life? Apply to join our Leader Family today.