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High Schools

It’s illegal to leave home without undies.


Explore the incredible Chiang Mai markets. Be in Burma, Thailand and Laos all at once while at the Golden Triangle. See elephants up close and learn about conversation efforts.


Southeast Asia


24 - 29° C


Thai, native dialects of the hill tribes.


Thai Baht

Away from the typical tourist trails, Thailand is a mosaic of beautiful remote villages, fascinating ethnic cultures and picturesque scenery. Up north amongst the peaceful hill tribes, people are friendly, tourism is low key and responsible travel is practiced. With its breathtaking mountains set against pristine forests, this highest part of the country is paradise for the true adventurer.

When it comes to planning your trip to Thailand, a visit to Chiang Mai is always a winner. Whether it’s admiring the 14th century murals at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep (one of the city’s 300 temples) or exploring its famous Night Bazaar Markets, this laidback capital is perfect for recuperating before a trip into the hills or immersing yourself in bustling Bangkok. Then there’s the ancient ruins of the Ayutthaya kingdom, the magnificent elephants roaming around Lampang and Ko Samet’s aquamarine beaches. Thailand’s sights are far more nuanced than you might expect.

“Travelling outside where you live can actually change how you interpret life. This really brought out different aspects of me and I’m glad it did because I learnt that there is more than one side to a person.”

Zoe Robinson, Student at Penrhos College (Thailand-Laos Expedition)

The world you’ll explore

As for the people you’ll meet, Thai locals are some of the gentlest there are. Given Thailand is a Buddhist country, there are some unique traditions and customs all travellers should take note. For example, if you’re visiting rural areas and your meal is served on the ground, make sure to never step over the food—your host may consider it a little rude. The people of the hill tribes pride themselves on having their unique customs, so this is a useful one to remember.

The impact you’ll make

Make a lasting impact as you work directly with Thailand’s northern hill tribe communities. Whilst in the hills northeast of Chiang Rai (near the Burma border) you’ll experience the life of a local during a short-term home-stay.

Here you’ll repay the kindness as you contribute to the community through a sustainable community project. Although dependent on your Antipodeans program and the respective community needs, Expedition projects may involve renovating, building and improving school facilities, including teacher accommodation, toilet blocks and vegetable gardens. Students may also assist local teachers in English class, reading books and playing games with the younger children.

Projects for University Placements are dependent on your course and faculty. Antipodeans has previously worked in the areas of Nursing, Allied Health and Sport Science. You may work with a community to set up rural health camps, sports coaching clinics or assist at rehabilitation centres.

The people who will have your back

For every Expedition or Schoolies Unearthed trip, you and your team will be assigned one of our expert leaders to help guide your adventure. Each with enough Frequent Flyer points to fund a family trip around the world, they’re seasoned pros when it comes to adventure travel. The leaders below may not be the same ones you get on your trip—but you get the idea.

This is Wade. He flies an ocean rescue helicopter. One time, he spent a month kayaking solo around Fiji. He is one of Antipodeans' leaders.

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