Where your money goes

Going overseas is a big decision. We want you to know where your hard earned money goes.

When you travel with Antips, you’ll get much more than your run of the mill student holiday. Here’s why:


Goes to safety measures

We employ the best insurance policies and risk management team for unparalleled support if something goes wrong, even if it rarely does. Professional leaders, extensive medical kits, live tracking via GPS and a support centre that’s staffed 24/7 means you can relax knowing we’ve got your back. We never sleep, so you can.


Goes to preparation

The key to keeping you safe and maximising your experience is prep, prep and more prep. We research everything—destination, trek, project, community needs and exploration activities. We work closely with teams to develop leadership and communication skills. For Expeditions we even have an entire night dedicated to the equipment you’ll need. There’s no doubt we prepare students like no one else.


Goes to trip costs

Absolutely everything you need on your trip is covered. This includes international return flights, internal flights overseas, meals, accommodation and transport. Our trips also include comprehensive travel and medical insurance. Specific inclusions are dependent on your program and destination.

Ready to go, but need some help with money? See how to fund your trip.